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Iceni Cycles Ltd. design and manufacture pedal and electrically assisted trikes for multiple uses. The Chariot Trike, Carry Trike and the Cargo Trike are manufactured and assembled at our premises in Southwick, Wiltshire in the UK. 




The Iceni Cycles Trike is not of a traditional design, we have embraced the same proven technology as the automotive industry and integrated the rolling chassis with the body, this is the Monocoque.

This is a Trike designed specifically for the last mile delivery business not a compromised multi-purpose vehicle, we do not have a separate ‘body module’ attached via its own chassis and anti-vibration rubbers.

Our chassis is stronger, lighter and simpler than all the traditional type of cargo Trike’s currently on offer.

The front cycle frame is made from Aircraft grade T45 steel, this is twice as strong as traditional cold drawn steel and enables us to use a thinner gauge to reduce weight and add flexibility.

The rear chassis is of a ladder construction similar in type to the tried and tested rugged 4x4 off road vehicle, additionally braced and strengthened by the cargo box platform in the form of a 4 sided cage.

In addition, the front cycle frame is attached to the rear chassis by no less than four tubes, two in the horizontal centre plane to both the ladder chassis and the top cargo cage, two more triangulated to the outside of the chassis for maximum cross bracing.

Finally, the lower cargo body cage is clad entirely in aluminium which is both bonded and riveted adding yet another level of strength and rigidity.

What does this all mean? Simply put Iceni Cycles has built the next generation of cargo Trike.


The less weight the better, any mass in rotation will store energy, the heavier the wheels, axles and tyres the more energy is stored, this will slow acceleration and reduce performance. Stored energy will be lost in heat via the disc brakes due to frequent start/stop in last mile delivery application.

Because of this law it is important to keep the weight down, in traditional Trike design this has proved difficult due to the rear mounted axle. This axle is under some strain as it is fixed firmly to the rear chassis of the trike, the frame flexes under load as does the axle with the wheel hub increasing the leverage. Because of this axles, hubs and wheels have either grown in both weight and complexity or are prone to frequent failure and replacement.

Iceni Cycles has removed the rear axle and fixed the rear wheels to the super strong ladder chassis with stub axles, this effectively removes most of the strain. Our front mounted axle and differential now only needs to transmit power and does not take any of the Trike load or stress.

Combining lightweight axles, standard Trike differential and high quality 48 spoke aluminium hubs and double wall downhill mountain bike rims gives a lower mass drivetrain, this has a significant advantage in terms of acceleration, improved battery range, reduced braking force and rideability.

Add to this standard cycle components, brake discs, inner tubes, tyres, wheels, chains, derailleurs, and sprockets means you keep the weight down, reduce cost of ownership and can maintain the entire drivetrain through your local mechanic / cycle shop.  Don’t assume heavy duty bespoke components, hub gears or new technology improve reliability and rideability, there are simpler solutions.

If your Trike weighs less, has a strong chassis and reduces the load on the drivetrain then it will perform better and save you money.


The low centre of gravity made possible by removal of the rear axle and our monocoque chassis has allowed us to lower the cargo floor by 20cm.

The Iceni Cycles Trike offers a significant improvement to the stability and rideability, resistance to tipping over in fast corners and lowers the cargo box roof by 20cm affording the rider a clear line of sight to the rear without compromising the 1.5 cubic meter of cargo space.

A front 20” wheel with improved rake enhances the maneuverability and affords greater control.

Cargo cage and ladder chassis provides the rider with greater side impact protection and could save your life in a side on or rear shunt.


Another industry first is our flat pack, modular construction all alloy lightweight and super strong cargo box.  Offering key operated rod locks or slam lock options, removable shelve and EURO pallet compatible (optional rack required). Coming for 2018 will be remote operation keyless lock system.

This box is guaranteed not to fall apart or flop about, we do not use plastic or composite materials which are hard to join, fold or fix. The alloy materials are resistant to cutting into by sharp knife and the rod lock doors are secure against forced entry by screwdriver or lever.

Three tamper proof friction hinges are fitted to each door.  Available load volume is 1.5 cubic meter, internal dimension up to 126cm long x 132cm high x 92cm wide. Door aperture is 85cm x 100cm. Larger capacity can be provided, please request quotation.