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Iceni Cycles Ltd. design and manufacture pedal and electrically assisted trikes for multiple uses. The Chariot Trike, Carry Trike and the Cargo Trike are manufactured and assembled at our premises in Southwick, Wiltshire in the UK. 

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Phaedra Bolton

Chariot Trike Review

As a family we love bikes and have been using an electric trike for a few years now to do the school run, shopping and general chores.  They are great and once you get used to them and the benefits of free parking, no traffic jams and smiling kids its hard to imagine life without them.  As our kids got too big for the old one we were faced with the prospect of having to change our habits.  So we were delighted to find Adam and Claire at Iceni Cycles and the Chariot trike.  

We fell in love instantly with the unique looks, practicality and rideability.  The thought and labour of love that has gone into these vehicles are shows through in all areas.

Firstly, the Chariot is easy to ride, all these bigger bikes can be a bit intimidating at first, however, the Chariot is much lighter than other pedicabs and with powerful brakes and nimble steering it is easy to get comfortable with and manage both on and off the bike.

Secondly, it just works, The Iceni team's experience means that gears work well and despite it being an unusual bike its easy to adjust and work on if you are familiar with standard bikes.  It switches easily from people carrier to cargo mode which encourages us to use it for more trips.

We have added an crank drive electric motor, similar to those Iceni provides, and this has given us the ability to do just about anything in the trike.  It regularly hauls our boys aged 9 & 10 to school, town & up and down the hills of Bath as well as dropping off other parents on the way home from school.

That's all the practical stuff - easy to live with and ride, beautifully made and versatile for people or stuff.  In summary small enough to ride and big enough to replace the car for most day to day journeys.

But the practical stuff just doesn't cover what is truly special about the Chariot and that is how it makes other people feel.  If you ride one of these then you need to get used to smiles and waves from cars, pedestrians and cyclists alike.  It just makes people smile.  "I love your Chariot" is something we hear daily, along with "Can I have a ride?".  Riding the Chariot changes not just how we get about but how we interact and ultimately how we feel.  Thank you Iceni team for creating such a lovely machine.

Here are a few words from Bertie, aged 10

The trike is like a roller coaster when I first went on and always wear the seatbelt , we have had the trike 2 months. we have customised it quite a bit we've added 2 batteries to it and a machine that tells you how fast your going and how could 2 batteries work without a motor.

My friends already liked our old trike but my friends liked this one so much that they run up the hill just grab on to it while it's moving!

It is like the world passing by and everybody is smiling and waving at me.